Jesus Martinez

Jesus is a Mexican-American NFT artist. He is one of the first Latino NFT artist to be covered by the mainstream media from locally, nationally, and internationally. He was recently named on Don Julio's TIME List, "80 Mexicans Shaping Contemporary Culture Worldwide."

Jesus grew up in poverty. He sold flowers in the street of Los Angeles to make a living with his parents from pre-school till high-school. He is the first one to become a professional in his entire family tree. 

He cares most about machine intelligence for good, philanthropy, art, music, and social impact causes.

He was an advisor to David Carey, Chairman of Hearst Magazines. He was nominated for the position by the CEO of Forbes, Mike Federle. He aided Carey while he was a fellow at Harvard's Advanced Leadership Initiative. The program is a university-wide program that each year selects a small group of senior executives from around the world to spend two semesters on the Harvard campus studying solutions to large-scale societal problems. 

He has been mentored by well-known creatives such as Kristina Reed (won an Oscar), Michael Grillo (Oscar nominated Marvel), and other entities in the art world. 

His artwork is sought by celebrities, public figures, institutions, and more. 

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